Kim Dotcom will launch instead of closed MegaUpload

Kim Dotcom has just announced plans for service to replace his shut down file sharing website Megaupload. He has unveiled the new domain under Gabon jurisdiction for his upcoming download service, which will probably launch next January on the anniversary of the police raid on his mansion.

Announcing the new site on Twitter, Dotcom said that the was already getting millions of hits. It looks like The return of the Jedi. He said also that “This must be the biggest launch of a splash page ever. It’s not even the final site yet. Just a new domain & info :)

After the information about new service and domain he wrote on Twitter that: “All FBI agents pressing reload hahaha….. We see their IP addresses. LOL!!!”

Choosing a domain to a new service ends speculation on the part of the new project. Selecting the hosting is not a simple matter too. Data centers have to stay away from U.S. because of  DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

The creation of a new service on the ruins of MegaUpload is a huge challenge for Dotcom. file sharing service can embarrass the United States. In such a situation it is difficult to imagine that the service work without any problems. Service is planned to start in January next year. Despite all the obstacles.

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