iPad and iPhone users get 50 GB FREE online storage in Box.net

In the current market situation many Usenet providers try to properly address its offer and differentiate themselves from competitors. For this purpose, some of them have begun to add an additional storage online to the usenet account. It’s free so the capacity varies usually around 30GB.

Today I would like to recommend the promotion of free solution for iOS users, so everyone who use devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod can have the storage.

Box.net offers free 50GB capacity in the cloud. A person who register account in Box.net using these devices will receive 50GB of in the cloud for free and forever.

Just download an application to your iPad or iPhone and enter your data by applying a free Box account. Log back with your data and you should see the correct 50GB capacity.

The promotion is time limited. Just download the application and register in the system to 2 December 2011 EST to get an account for free for life. Of course there is a limit on uploaded files. It was, however, raised from 25MB to 100MB. But I fear that the limit was raised only during the promotion.

Take advantage of this promotion if you do not have online storage from your provider. To see how the Box.net solution works just watch the video:

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