Binload – new look into usenet service

I want to describe a new usenet service, which can be accessed without paying anything. You can use it without limits for free but it is a service in Beta, and thus developed all the time.

It is a usenet service It is available for the tests. It is a service where you can:

1. Only download binary files from usenet.
2. Binload provides free software.
3. There are no limits.
4. The Public Beta version of the software and the entire site are free. Of course this time is limited and will be closed at some point.
5. Binary data retention is approximately 400 days.
6. The reader is designed for both PC and Mac.

Before the end of the test phase Binload will notify users that they have the ability to change the free of charge account. If they do not then the account will be deleted. You can also cancel your account at any time during Beta. The Beta did not have to pay anything.

Binload is only downloading service. You may not post anything on the newsgroups. You can only download. Binload offers low retention but smooth enough to download the data. For sure service users will find its functionality even when only a limited ability to download from Usenet. The key issue here is the price and the retention and availability of the firmware.

Public Beta phase will last according to data obtained by me at least until the end of June, and maybe by the end of July. Has not yet been decided. It is also possible that the deadline for completion of the tests will be postponed again. In any event, I invite you to test this specific service.

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