BREIN kills Usenet

Largest European Usenet provider lost a court case with the organization BREIN.
BREIN is a Dutch foundation, which connects the authors, artists, publishers, producers and distributors of music, movies, games, interactive programs and books in the fight against copyright infringement. MPA (Motion Picture Association) – The international organization of major motion picture producers is also a BREIN participant.

According News-Service is the largest provider usenet:

News-Service is also usenet reseller. If the will have to remove the disputed files from their servers then UseNeXT and Binverse will have trouble.

News-Service certainly makes an appeal against the sentence. Controlling the tens of millions of messages every day is impossible:

“We are very disappointed with the Court’s verdict. It is technically as well as economically infeasible to check the contents of the 15 to 20 million messages that are exchanged on a daily basis. Added to which, there is no automated way of checking whether Usenet messages contain copyrighted material or whether permission has been obtained for the distribution of such material. Consequently, we see no way of complying with this verdict. Furthermore, the verdict endangers our very existence as a company, and is thus a threat to Usenet itself, as the facilitation of Usenet services has become impossible on the grounds of this verdict. The exchange of messages by means of this oldest of Internet services has de facto been become impossible,” explains Patrick Schreurs, the CEO of

Judgement of the Court in Amsterdam is dangerous for all usenet providers. Personally, I see the nervousness in one of the larger providers. News-Service must get to appeal the judgment. It’s the only way for me. Losing, however, can cause an avalanche lawsuits against other companies. No appeal will cause the same effects.

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