Easynews upgrades NNTP retention to 1,050 days

Easynews just announced that it has upgraded retention on its NNTP Usenet service to 1,050 days.  The additional 50 days comes at no added cost to new and existing subscribers and ensures that Easynews remains at the industry’s leading edge of retention capacity.

I remember that on April 26, Easynews launched one of the lowest cost usenet NNTP service. For only $9.95/month, subscribers worldwide can connect to the Easynews server farms located throughout N. America and Europe with unlimited access, uncapped speed, free SSL and 20 connections.  That is amazing offer cause its reliability and functionality. With 99%+ completion and now 1,050 days of retention, this remains one of the best values on unlimited NNTP access for sure.

If you will purchase one of the web access plans, which offer access to an intuitive search interface that also get access to the NNTP service. The NNTP service is ideal for those who use their own newsreader. I have pointed out that the web plans are offered with a  trial 100GB/14 days, which I described some time ago: Easynews Special.

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  1. [...] ale uważam, że każda technologia jest dobra w zależności od tego co akurat potrzebujemy. Na Usenet.sk opublikowano informację, że Easynews zwiększył retencję danych z 1000 do 1050 dni. Razem z [...]