Largescale DDoS attack on


Yesterday I tried to reach page. Unfortunately I could not and I was kinda pissed off for that reason. Today I got the information that was due to a DDoS attack. informed me that a DDoS attack took yesterday and today and that really apologize for any inconvenience because of this:


Due to a largescale DDoS attack on the product website of the service was not available yesterday, 23rd (c. 1 – 10 pm CET) and 24th (3 – 10 am CET) of June 2011.

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this interruption of service may have caused. However, due to the quick fix by we are confident that interruptions of service caused by external influences are solved quickly and will be best prevented.

Each massive DDoS attack causes exclusion site for some time. It’s dangerous if the action is carried out with a few thousand so-called zombies. Currently service works without problems.

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