ceases to operate

As I discussed earlier in BREIN kills usenet post the Dutch organization BREIN representing the movie and music industries sued (one of the leading Usenet provider)  to the Amsterdam court. BREIN won. Nov. 4 has terminated its services with immediate effect. The shutdown is the direct outcome of a two-year battle with Dutch anti-piracy organization BREIN:

Dear visitor,

On 28 September 2011, the District Court of Amsterdam reached a verdict in the procedure on the merits of the case that Stichting Brein had brought against The Court has ruled that News- is to cease ‘recording and offering material protected by copyright and neighbouring rights’ on pain of period penalty payment.
Unfortunately, sees no way of complying with the Court’s verdict. As a consequence, on 28 October, we started interlocutory proceedings and asked the summary Judge to order Brein to cease the execution of the verdict. We have learned today that the summary Judge has denied our claims. This means that we are forced to cease our operations with immediate effect.
However, for reasons of principle, will not accept the verdict and has lodged an appeal.
We would like to thank all relations of for the pleasant working relationship and the trust they have placed in us during the past 15 years.

Kind regards,

Patrick Schreurs and Wierd Bonthuis will not accept the verdict and has lodged an appeal. We’ll see what will be the effect of the appeal. Waiting for information, what happens with providers who resell services. It is also interesting who will be next target.

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