Newshosting announces new usenet newsreader

The Newsreader Newshosting 1.0.11 Beta has launched this afternoon and is available for free to new subscribers only via the subscription confirmation page, confirmation email and account control panel. After beta, it will be opened up to all subscribers (new and existing) for free.

Here are some features of the Newshosting Newsreader:

-file preview, automatic thumbnails available,
-auto un-rar and auto par,
-sort groups by file type (images, audio file, documents, etc),
-Newshosting newsreader will read .nfo where included,
-text and binary support,
-post to text groups directly.

Newsreader is available on: Windows, Mac OS, Linux. Newsreader installs with the VLC Media Player. In Newsreader we can set the language to English or German.

We are able to control statistics and connection speed. But most interesting is searching on text and binary groups.

Newshosting 1.0.11 overview:

My first impressions of the testing this newsreader is the simplicity and intuitiveness. Of course, the newsreader is dedicated to use with Newshosting’s accounts. Provides flexibility, easy access to newsgroups and by installing VLC Player lets you watch and listen to the music or watching videos. Full description of the installation will be described later, however, I can assure you that the Newshosting 1.0.11 newsreader after installation and after entering login and password is ready to work. Maybe it will ask you about Internet connection speed to automatically adjust your settings, that’s all.

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