This is the end of GIBInews usenet

GIBInews has recently big problems. They were brought into the wall by his current usenet backend provider.

I have signals about preliminary agreement with a news supplier. They have access to the new data center in the U.S.. Service is still active but GIBInews users noticed problems with access to the usenet and connection quality. Additionally GIBInews reported pricing change. But everything was going in the right direction and the new prices were still relatively competitive.

GIBInews informed us that even with bigger prices they can not get satisfactory conditions on the download speed. GIBInews published the information about closing next week:

GIBInews have to close his door. Our servers should already be shutdown (or very soon..)
New offers don’t enjoy people, new provider don’t want to increase our speed as we pay them too low (even with the price increase, it’s still not enough to get back to normal).
We tried to find a solution with the provider but nothing was found.
Next week, we will shut the compagny. No more access will available.
Our debt are too big to expect a refund for everyone.
We are sincerely sorry about all that mess.
We will try to answer to everyone on twitter/mail as soon as possible.

GIBInews Team

According to a statement it is not possible to return funds paid for the unused time of service. This is not good news. Especially for long-term users. The good news is that the company clearly communicates the problem and not hide their heads in the sand.

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