Do nzb services are needed?

Usenet NZB sites help to popularize the Usenet among consumers.

With indexing binary files that have been placed on Usenet, the user of such a service can use them in a very simple way. Results are placed in categories such as Movies, TV, Music, Applications, Games, Books etc.

NZB Service creates NZB file, which allows you to download binary files targeted by the appropriate reader. NZB files are similar to the torrent file, because NZB file does not contain the binary files but contain information about the location of files to download.

Due to the domestication of Usenet to the end user, such services are needed. Simply facilitate the use of binary newsgroups. With NZB files it is easy to search binaries in usenet. We do not need to download headers and tens of thousands of individual newsgroups. All we have categorized and listed for download.

Write of what NZB services you use? Or do you think NZB sites just spoil newsgroups?

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