MysterBin is Off

It was a great free NZB service. Anyone who is interested in Usenet knew or heard about them. Over the years, you could search the Usenet and download nzb files.

We could get statistical information on newsgroups including binary newsgroups from Mysterbin. Today Mysterbin service does not work and the entry on Twitter show clearly that service is off due to lack of time and sufficient funds to continue the project:

Mysterbin is ending today. Long story short: the project takes way more time and money than we can afford. Long life to Usenet !

It was a really amazing project. Very polished, and the team was open to cooperation. Do not forget that thanks to the possibilities offered by Mysterbin also worked a lot of other people’s solutions. Mysterbin closure is at least surprising.

What will happen to the source code? Is a good idea to release the code?

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