Easynews 100GB/14 day special free trial will end soon

Easynews special free trial will end

Some time ago Easynews introduced 100GB/14 day special free trial. And now this great offer ends. I thought that Easynews maintain its offer and will be able to compete with UseNeXT and Usenet.nl trials but apparently did not last long. Easynews 100GB/14 day special free trial will end on August 1st. Starting then, Easynews  announced [...]

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Easynews upgrades NNTP retention to 1,050 days

Easynews service comparison

Easynews just announced that it has upgraded retention on its NNTP Usenet service to 1,050 days.  The additional 50 days comes at no added cost to new and existing subscribers and ensures that Easynews remains at the industry’s leading edge of retention capacity. I remember that on April 26, Easynews launched one of the lowest [...]

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