Do nzb services are needed?

nzb categories

Usenet NZB sites help to popularize the Usenet among consumers. With indexing binary files that have been placed on Usenet, the user of such a service can use them in a very simple way. Results are placed in categories such as Movies, TV, Music, Applications, Games, Books etc. NZB Service creates NZB file, which allows [...]

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News-Service (NSE)

As I discussed earlier in BREIN kills usenet post the Dutch organization BREIN representing the movie and music industries sued (one of the leading Usenet provider)  to the Amsterdam court. BREIN won. Nov. 4 has terminated its services with immediate effect. The shutdown is the direct outcome of a two-year battle with Dutch [...]

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Which filesharer should I use?


Definitely recommend usenet. If you download a lot of select unlimited account. If you download the occasional or casual then select the block account. As for the unlimited account, would suggest: Newshosting, Usenetserver, Easynews NNTP, Astraweb. As for the block plans I recommend Astraweb or NewsgroupDirect. For example at a place such as Astraweb you [...]

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I’m starting to play with Usenet

I met Usenet long time ago. Previously, Usenet was used mainly to share thoughts, solve problems, ask questions. Nowadays usenet also serves the same but I was in transition because we live in another world. Electronic gadgets in your backpack, access to internet almost everywhere, mp3 players, teenagers with headphones. People start to prefer mobility [...]

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