Terabyte Tuesday in NewsgroupDirect – save your money

Many people have questioned whether the use of Usenet. Many people do not know what price plan should be chosen. In such a case I would recommend promotions. You can hit a promo plan from time to time. It’s really a good solution.

This time, NewsgroupDirect announced TERABYTE TUESDAY. In that promotion we can get a 1 terabyte block account for 50% off. In this promotion we have an unbelievable price. It is only $50 for 1TB. Please remember that on June 8th the price will go back to $100. The account will never expire.

The promotion is valid in the following hours:

12 AM EST on June 7 until 12 AM EST on June 8,
7 AM EST on June 7 until 7 AM EST on June 8,
5 AM GMT on June 7 until 5 AM GMT on June 8 .

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