Giganews is the largest provider in the world of usenet, and it sets the technical standards. Giganews has a server farm in USA, Europe and Asia.

Giganews offers:
- highest binary retention,
- highest text data retention,
- up to 50 simultaneous connections,
- SSL encryption as standard.

Giganews is a leader in the world of Usenet. It offers access to newsgroups at the highest level. Also offers a very fast technical support. Giganews is currently the only provider that offers the highest retention of text data apart from Google Groups. Interestingly, data retention is systematically increased. Using the Giganews offer get access to 110 000 newsgroups. It often happens that we have access to the usenet newsgroups in Giganews that are not stored on other servers.

Giganews offers many programs that facilitate the use of Usenet, and we also hedge against interference from outside. At Giganews can use the VyprVPN – individual VPN channel, making it possible to preserve your privacy at maximum level. VyprVPN normally costs $14.99 per month, and get it in the Diamond account for free. In addition also receive search engine designed for a network called MIMO. This is a very interesting product that facilitates the use of Usenet. Giganews offers a free tool called Giganews Accelerator, which allows you to increase download speeds by newsgroup header compression and encryption features headlines. Giganews offers 256-bit SSL encryption free for all accounts. Enabled SSL encryption does not affect the perceived quality of the connection.

Giganews offers subscription plans from 5GB/month to Diamond account. Diamond is the flagship product of Giganews, and brings all the advantages and opportunities offered by Giganews.

Diamond is a Giganews account, where we get unlimited data transfer, 256-bit encryption SSL, 50 simultaneous connections, VyprVPN, Giganews Accelerator and MIMO – the latest search engine for free. We get lots of bonuses to the purchase of commercial newsreaders. If someone would have made a purchase of Diamond account for the first month of service will pay 50% of the normal price which is $17.49. The discount applies to customers who did not have a Giganews account for the last 90 days.

Of course you can try the service by signing up for Giganews 14-day trial period to use your account. We are entitled to 14 days to test the service and receive 10GB limit. If you give up before the expiry of 14 days from the start the service then we will not have to pay anything.

In Giganews we have the following accounts:

Diamond: unlimited Account, SSL, 50 connections, VyprVPN, search MIMO – $34.99 per month.
Platinum: unlimited Account, SSL, 20 connections – $24.99 per month.
Silver: 50 GB / month, SSL, 20 connections – $14.99 per month.
Bronze: 10 GB / month, SSL, 20 connections – $9.99 per month.

Giganews also offers an account of the 30-day retention of binary data:

Pearl: 5 GB / month, SSL, 20 connections – $4.99 per month.

Of course, all payments can be made by credit card or via PayPal.