The main features are Supernews account:

- high binary data retention,
- high text data retention,
- 99% + of completeness,
- servers in Europe, USA,
- up to 30 simultaneous connections between the reader and the server,
- a competing offer unlimited account for $11.99 per month.


Supernews has a very simple deal. We have the ability to purchase access to Usenet for $11.99 per month. That’s it – a simple offer. The advantage of this offer is that it is a part of an Giganews Company. A Giganews is a company that sets the standard in today’s Usenet.

A very strong part of that offer is binary data retention and a large number of concurrent connections, as much as the 30, SSL encryption. Supernews offer should meet most of your needs. An important advantage of the excellent technical assistance guaranteed by Giganews.

Payments may be made as follows:

-via PayPal,
-credit cards.