Basic information about the service

- 1014 days retention of binary data,
- 1500 days of text data retention,
- more than 60 000 newsgroups,
- up to 16 simultaneous connections,
- 256 bit SSL encryption as standard,
- over 300GB to download for free during the trial – see How to download for free from is a company that focuses on offering new users during the test limit for free over 300GB of data to be recovered and sent to the server. In fact, we have 5GB for use in so-called High Speed wit no bandwith limitation​​, and the other 300 GB, where bandwidth is limited to 2Mbit /s. For this we have a very intuitive reader.

The company offers the following types of accounts:

-Compact, where payment is made each month and is 11.99 €,
-Relax, where payment is made for a year in advance and is 99 €, which gives us 8.33 € per month.

The parameters of these accounts are the same, because we have to download /send the maximum possible throughput 35GB (high speed mode) and 600 GB of bandwidth limited to 2Mbit /s. In total, we can in a month to download /send up to 635GB of data which is really a huge amount of data.

During the test, we can change the account type.

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