Easynews 100GB/14 day special free trial will end soon

Some time ago Easynews introduced 100GB/14 day special free trial. And now this great offer ends. I thought that Easynews maintain its offer and will be able to compete with UseNeXT and Usenet.nl trials but apparently did not last long.

Easynews 100GB/14 day special free trial will end on August 1st. Starting then, Easynews  announced that all web-plans (Classic, Plus and Big Gig) will include a 10 GB/14 day free trial which was  previously reserved only for the Classic plan.

Please remember that the $9.95 Unlimited NNTP only account does not support a free trial period.

Easynews offers the following types of accounts:

  • Easynews BigGig in the price of $29.94 – 150GB/month,
  • Easynews Plus in the price of $14.97 – 40GB/month,
  • Easynews Classic in the price of $9.98 – 20GB/month,
  • Unlimited NNTP – 1050 days retention, 99% complete set of data, SSL encryption at outstanding price of $9.95 per month.

The first three accounts allow you to access data via web browser. More information on the Easynews offer.

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