Easynews launches special 100 gig / 14 day free trial

In Summer Special promo we get 100 GB or 14 days free trial for all web-based usenet plans. I mean Easynews Big Gig, Easynews Plus and Classic. If you decide that you like the usenet service from Easynews, simply stay on beyond 14 days or 100 GB of downloads and you will then begin the plan that you registered for with the free trial. Remember that there is no obligation so you may cancel service at any time during free trial and no charge will be made.

It’s really a successful move. Should significantly increase the number interested in Easynews usenet service. Easynews should be appreciate because of the web-based services and new $9.95 NNTP offer. Mobile applications are a very strong in Easynews. I encourage you to take advantage of Summer Special and test the service.

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