Mayan Apocalypse Sale in NewsgroupDirect

Why not celebrate the end of the world with usenet account? NewsgroupDirect says: “The end is nigh, so you might as well go out on top with a sweet 250 GB block from NGD”.  To celebrate the end of our existence on this planet NewsgroupDirect decided to offer 250 GB block for just $12. The sale runs until 12 PM EST on December 22.

NewsgroupDirect normally sells 250 GB blocks for $32.  During Mayan Apocalypse Sale you can buy it for $12. You save $20 which is 63% off the regular price.

NewsgroupDirect blocks never expire, so you can buy as many blocks as you want and never worry about losing them. You are free to purchase as many blocks as you’d like. All blocks receive a 10% allowance for headers, so a 250 GB purchase will actually give you 275 GB.

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  1. They’re Highwinds, which is different from Astraweb. However, 500 GB is hardly what I’d consider “fill” blocks.