NGD Black Friday Deals

As most of you know holiday season starts in US. Black Friday, which is associated with many great offers. Usenet Providers also prepared a surprise. NewsgroupDirect has offered some great Black Friday specials in years past and the same is true for 2011.
NGD have deals on every type of plan that offers, so check back often to see what’s currently on sale. There are timers and limiting quantities on all the deals also need to hurry. There are some Terms and conditions of course:

Terms and Conditions: Any monthly subscription prices are for new customers only; existing customers are not eligible. Any block prices are available for both new and existing customers. Existing coupons will not work on the Black Friday specials. Black Friday prices are only available on Friday, November 25, all times EST. Deals that are expired or sold out cannot be purchased.

NewsgroupDirect offers:

-1,185 days binary retention
-1,400 days text retention
-99%+ completion rate
-US & European servers
-Up to 50 connections
-free copy of News Rover
-SSL with all plans
-Unlimited Speed
-30 GB StorageNinja online backup

For those who do not find a suitable offer I would recommend:


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