Terabyte Tuesday-1100 GB of Usenet for $40

Terabyte Tuesday means 1.1 Terabyte usenet accounts for $40 (60% off the normal rate)! NewsgroupDirect 1 TB block account includes a 10% header allowance, bringing the total to 1.1 TB. The sale runs from 12 AM EST on March 13 until 12 AM EST on March 14.

NewsgroupDirect daily improves binary data retention. As of today, this retention is 1305 days. Thus, there is at the forefront provider of Usenet. If someone needs a sizeable account and uses it irregularly that offer is for him. If someone is interested in another account, I recall that not long ago I had a discount code available to the account in NewsgroupDirect: Unlimited Usenet Promo in NewsgroupDirect.
Please check, because it can still be active.

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