The last days of 1 Penny for 1 Gig promo in Easynews

I mentioned to you about Easynews? Easynews is thrilled to announce its best Usenet offer ever!

For the first 2 weeks of December only (Dec 2-16), all new subscribers can get 1 GB of web-based and NNTP-based Easynews Usenet access for just 1 penny! Subscribers will have 30 days to use their gig allowance with no strings attached or auto-renewals. This promotion is simply 1 penny (USD) for a 1 gig block of Easynews web and NNTP access! Once the 1 gig special account expires, each user will be offered an upgrade from the promo plan to a premium Easynews plan of their choice.

Remember that the 1 Penny for 1 Gig promotion will expire December 16, 2013.

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