What is Usenet?

Usenet is a network of users. This is whole system of newsgroups which we can use. Messages are stored on servers and a user who is interested in reading the message must download it via news reader or use web interface offer by some providers. Publication of the news is just like the other way – from the news reader on your computer to the news server.

Basic features of Usenet are:


-hierarchy of newsgroups,

-owned public services,

-client-server architecture.

Newsgroups are public but maintain news servers is another thing. To ensure the proper retention and completeness of the newsgroups you should invest in data centers, where they can be stored in text data and countless binary data. It costs so many that is the business – selling access to Usenet.

Many servers are free especially those with text data. Access to binaries is not so clear, and requires the use of free low-bandwidth servers or free IPv6 test servers, you can also benefit from long periods of testing – they are such trial usenet offers or pay for the service. Then in many cases you can even get a free news reader – text and binary.

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