Why use Usenet?

I do not know if many of us remember the pros usenet. Usenet for many young users is a novelty. Main aspect of Usenet is Usenet’s ability to download files.
Let us list the advantages of usenet:

Very Fast Downloads: With premium Usenet provider, your download speeds will max out your internet connection. Even 50Mbps+ connections can max out on Usenet downloads.

No need to Upload: The client-server architecture of Usenet does not require uploading. You can download as much as you want and never have to worry about uploading a single file. That maximize your download speed and you do not have to share anything.

Search Easily: Finding files on Usenet is extremely easy thanks to a number of websites that index Usenet content. Many of current newsreaders have has built-in search engine. This greatly accelerates the process. Newsreaders such as Newshosting have built-in preview function.

Privacy: Many Usenet providers offer SSL encryption options and downloads are always anonymous. You can use VPN service to secure connection as well.

It makes everything that I use usenet a lot. It is a great medium for me. I love it. Many of you probably know the basic rules among users of usenet. I think that breaking these rules will be forgiven. Usenet is not for everyone and are valid in the following rules:

1. Rule of Usenet: Don’t talk about Usenet.
2. Rule of Usenet: DON´T TALK ABOUT USENET.
3. Rule of Usenet: God Damn it, don´t fuckin talk about Usenet.

Take advantage of usenet and remember about those rules ;)

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